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Online Resources



This online test takes about 30 minutes to complete and will give you an idea of your own level of proficiency. It’s very useful to know this information about ourselves so I strongly recommend that you take the test.

(PS.  We’ve had feedback that the above link doesn’t open on most mobile devices so you may have to open the test on a desktop computer or a laptop).



Once you’ve completed the test above and you know your level then you can go to this site and do an online test specifically for that level. This page has a treasure trove of DELE practise tests. These are not online tests that do the marking for us, but the answers are given at the end of each section so that we can mark it ourselves. Another batch of online DELE tests.  These ones do the marking for us.

How to use 'pero' and 'sino' 

How to use 'ser' and 'estar' 

How to use 'por' and 'para' 

How to use the imperative. (We use the imperative to give orders, instructions or suggestions.  'Vete!' or 'Cierra la puerta'.)

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