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Our Courses

Learn Spanish in Spain through its culture

Altea Spanish Courses offer you more than a language course:  we invite you to get to know the culture of Spain by living with its people, tradition, foods, ´fiestas´, history, art etc.

Without any doubt it will be a thrilling experience for you and for us.

We offer varied programs to satisfy different student needs.

Courses involve students in a variety of creative learning activities related to their language needs and abilities.

Bahía de Altea
Sun, Sea and Language

This is a great way to spend a week of your holiday.  In the mornings you will have 3 hours of intensive Spanish lessons, followed by a typical Spanish lunch at 12:30 and you will have the afternoons to yourself to use for sightseeing or sunbathing.  However, after the  fabulous lunch, you will probably need to siesta...


 This is a 1 week course and runs from Monday to Friday.

 9:30 - 12:30 Lessons

 12:30 Lunch!

 2 - 8 persons per class  425 € per person

 Only Couple    625 € per person

Intensive Courses

Our intensive courses are perfect for couples or families who would like to learn Spanish as quickly as possible and they are perfect for absolute beginners or for people who have basic knowledge and would like to sharpen their skills. Our standard program is for one week, but we can tailor it to your individual needs and time requirements.

1 week course

3 hours per day 

525 € per person, one to one (private class)

350 € per person, small group class (maximum 6 students)

"Altea mi casa" - an induction course for new residents in the area
                              Grammar practice used in context

This course is aimed at familiarising new residents to our lovely town.  Learn Spanish in Spain through its culture! Altea Sapnish Courses offer you more than a language course, we invite you to get know tthe culture of Spain by living with its people, traditions, food, "Fiestas" history, art ... and much more.

New communicative methodology

Speaking spanish phrases

Confidence to speak in real life situations

Strong conversation practice

This is a 1 week course consisting of 4 hours per day and is offered from Monday to Friday.

2 - 8 persons per class   425 € per person

Only couple  625 € per person

Conversation Classes


Our small conversation classes will have you speaking Spanish from day one. Group sizes are carefully controlled in order to maximise student engagement and participation.  These classes focus on conversation and grammar.


Classes offered twice a week

Group size - minimum 3 and maximum 6 students

75 €  for 4 hs(once a week)

140 € for 8 hs (twice a week)

Private Classes

Although it's not necessary we recommend that you start your Spanish learning experience with some private classes.  These classes will help absolute beginners to gain tremendous confidence and it's a great way to kickstart your Spanish learning adventure.

35 € per hour (1 student )

50 € for a couple (2 students )

Tailor-made Courses

Tell us what you need and we'll help you with it.  We regularly accompany new residents to help them register at the local council, establish their electricity account, buy a car or enroll their children at the local school.  We integrate these activities into a lesson and we've found that our students benefit greatly from this service.  

Alternatively, if you would like a week's worth of learning Grammar or two days of vocabulary training or anything in between, you simply tell us what you need and we teach it to you.

Please contact us so that we may discuss your individual requirements.

DELE - official accreditation

Become officially accredited as competent in Spanish.  The DELE exam is the official Spanish exam from the Instituto Cervantes and it's offered at three different levels.

Exams take place three times a year in Spain as well as abroad and in order to get prepared for these exams Altea Spanish Courses offer preparation classes that familiarise you with the exam structure and trains you for it.  The exam takes place at the University of Alicante.


This is a 1 week course and comprises 20 hours in total.

2 - 8 persons per class

550 € per person

700 € (1 student) 

Our popular Cooking Course

Enjoy learning and practicing new Spanish words and phrases while cooking. Meet, share and practice with new people who also share a love of delicious and healthy food.

3 hour course

minimum 10 persons per course

70 € per person

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